Building a Successful Furniture Business from the Ground Up: Hellman-Chang

Creating a furniture business

Like so many other creative people or people wanting to express their creativity in ways which they can earn a living, I often daydream about trying out different business concepts like creating my own furniture or fabric line. There are a few talented and lucky interiors designers like Candice Olson who get to do this as well as interior design. A ton of research and information would be required to learn and understand before one could venture in this direction and create a successful brand and concept.

Often when I think about these idea’s I will do a Google search and see what I can find on the internet that would give me that inside peek or overview from some generous person sharing their experiences and insights.  While researching “ Building a furniture business” I came across this fantastic article. It’s a long one but definitely worth a read. There is a ton of insight from personal experience and great tips and if you want to start your own business…whatever that may be, I am sure this story will inspire you. Here it is:

Building a Successful Furniture Business from the Ground Up: Hellman-Chang, Part 1 – Core77.