The Beauty of Lucite

Lucite and its triumphant return

Lucite enchants. Furniture made with it floats in the air. It catches the eye and inspires intrigue. I’ve loved it since I started designing, and it may just be my favorite material for furniture.

Lucite is sexy and stylish, and can be made to look traditional or modern. This is definitely a material that stands out from the others and makes an impact when used by interior designers and architects.

One of my favorite examples of how Lucite can be used to maximum effect is this bed custom-made for Helena Rubinstein. The headboard and the footboard were built with a light to create a soft, glowing feel. The piece was made by Roman Haas, maker of the first Lucite furniture in the 1930’s. (Photo from

Don’t know about you, but I think this piece looks as modern as ever. To the triumphant return of Lucite!

Made-in-Vancouver Lucite Furniture

Meet Vancouver designer Martha Sturdy.  She uses acrylic glass (Lucite!) in her work, and I find her to be a complete inspiration (and no I am not talking about Martha Stewart – these are two very different people!). She creates furniture, art and accessories for the home, made with a resin-type acrylic.

Sturdy’s accessories make for fantastic accent pieces around the house. She offers over twenty colour options for her pieces, so it’s guaranteed there is one that can work for your space.

The Martha Sturdy chair and ottoman shown below are lit from the inside, creating a dramatic and sculptural effect.



Lucite furniture, reimagined.

Lucite is back. It seems these days we’re seeing a lot of older designs for Lucite/acrylic/resin furniture recycled new designs with a modern look and feel.

Check out some of my favorites below. For an even bigger gallery of inspiring examples, visit my Pinterest furniture design board.


The classic old world meets new world. Sleek and elegant!


A bar trolley takes becomes a elegant feature (pictures from Lucite Lux)

An example that many of us know very well is the “Louis Ghost Chair” by Philippe Stark

Hudson Bay Furniture does an amazing job of using live edge tables with Lucite bases. A stunning look that captures, modern elegance, warmth and sophistication.


The uses are endless in designing furniture.  This crib was designed by “Sissy + Marley” and retails for $3,500.00. Beyonce also recently purchased it for her new baby named “Blue”.