Interior Design and Colour


Neutrals are classic, versatile, and easy.

White, taupe, warm whites, or dark charcoal. Using a neutral as your base colour on your walls or wood work allows you to switch up your accessories to express vibrant or subdued colour ways. Not only cost-effective, it allows for flexibility. Drapes, pillows, vases, throws or a chair can do the trick. Changing accessories is easy and can be done from season to season or any other time you feel like you need a new look for your space.

My favorite neutral? Try revere pewter (HC-172) by Benjamin Moore. It’s soft and subtle warm with a touch of cool. It can work in any space or provide that touch of contrast you need from your beautiful white millwork or furniture.


White, and why you should love to use it.

Is white a colour? I believe it is – even if some claim it isn’t!

White is one of my favorite colours to use in modern homes and houses with interesting architectural details. It highlights built-in features, sets a pristine stage for the furniture, art, windows, and whatever other beautiful details are happening in the space. It’s also expansive, creating an airy feeling of freshness and openness. What’s not to love about that?