Green Walls

Add a little (green) life to your walls.

Who doesn’t love a little green in their home? Living walls and indoor gardens, fast becoming a trend here in our beautiful green city of Vancouver and around the world, offer fun ways to add plant life to your living spaces.

I love green walls. I could build one in every house I design. They bring life and energy into a space like nothing else. They also bring in beautiful smells and keep the air fresh.

When deciding to get one of these living delights installed in your home, location and lighting influences plant selection. For those like me who love plants but are not sure what works best where, It’s important to talk to specialist like Heather March at Greenstems. Heather is Landscape designer by trade and works with some of the best interior designers in Vancouver. She can design a wall to fit whatever shape and size you need, and she’ll make sure the plants chosen will flourish with the natural levels of light in the space.

Here are a few tips from Heather on living walls:

“When it comes to your living wall, be sure you choose the right combination of trailing and upright plants and they the are placed cohesively as a grouping to compliment each others natural growth patterns.

Once installed, be sure you keep up the weekly maintenance of cleaning out any old, decaying foliage from the garden. This only takes a moment to peek in and amongst the plants and it will keep your living wall free of any pesky indoor bugs.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment, its part of developing your green thumb!”

living wall designed and installed by Heather March from Green Stems Vancouver B.C


Article below from Dwell Magazine:

“Two years ago, Brad Zizmor showed his parents the apartment that he and his wife, Susan, were buying a half block from Central Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Despite the plum address, the purchase went over poorly with mom and dad. The two-bedroom is only 912 square feet. Worse, it is situated off the lobby on the first floor—an ugly duckling previously occupied by the building superintendent.

“It was dark. It was small. It was completely cramped,” notes Dag Folger, Brad’s partner in the architecture firm A+I Design Corp, who came along for support. “The outside space was dismal.”

Like any architect, Brad saw possibilities, but his parents saw only small, dark rooms looking onto a grim alley and this is his fantastic creation.



Green walls can be perfect to cover a not so interesting pony railing wall or pony wall.


From Green walls to plants that live in glass blown lights.

Check out these new lights from Vancouver-based Bocci: made with the blown glass we are accustomed to from the celebrated lighting designer, but with added cavities to create pockets for air plants!  Succulents, cacti and even a bit of dirt fit into these perfect little bowls. Leave it to the talented folks at Bocci to come up with such a fabulous invention.  There are two or three light sources in each blown sphere.  The copper wire, which also carries the electricity, acts as a rigid but malleable structure to hold the globes and the plants.

Bocci lighting


Bocci lighting


Bocci lighting


Bocci lighting


Hang your greenery.

Check out these wall hanging planters from Dwell. Dwell magazine featured them on the side of a fence for an outdoor patio.


There are endless idea’s and concepts for vertical planting, but this is a great one. I would love to see this outside my front door everyday.



These particular planters come from Fold Bedding and sell for $72 each. They are great for succulents, cactus herbs or even lettuce! Use for both indoor and outdoor applications.