Interior design apps for your iPhone


Interior design by iPhone app.




It seems like there’s an iPhone app for just about everything these days, from tracking the calories you eat in a day (which I use and love and sometimes hate) to apps that are fantastic in helping you with the design and renovation for you home.

Here are a few of my favorite Interior design-related apps to help you when you work on your home:

  • Color Capture by Benjamin Moore This is a great one. I use it when I don’t have a paint chip fan with me and need to find a color match. Just take a picture of the colour you want and the app will give you a Benjamin Moore’s paint chip match. Plus the best thing is… It’s free!
  • Sherwin Williams ColorSnap  This paint company has the same style of app and this one is free as well. Take your pick from your favorite brand.
  • Mark On Call Created by interior designer Mark Lewison. It has some great features including shopping lists, measurement tools, and room layout planners. Priced at $1.99.
  • Convert  A unit calculator, highly recommended. Very helpful for converting metric and imperial when shopping for imported furniture. Costs $.99.
  • iHandy Level  is just that, a level. There are a few app levels out there, but this is the one I use and it does the job quite well. And the best part is it’s… Free!
  • SwedeShop  is an app for shopping at Ikea. You can take pictures, make notes, and find the store location for the items you want. It makes the shopping experience easier and more organized. Costs $.99.
  • Evernote is an all-purpose organizational app. It’s a great replacement for your over-stuffed design binders. Use it for snapping and storing pictures of fabrics, rooms, and furniture; making recordings and notes; mapping locations of your favorite stores and sales. Free.
  • Flashlight  is an important tool when you are in those dark corners trying to get a measurement and you’ve forgotten your actual flashlight.  Now you can pull out your iPhone! There are quite a few flashlight apps to choose from, but I have “ Best Flash Light!” and it works quite well. And the best part is its Free!
  • My Measures & Dimensions  This is a really helpful tool if you don’t want to draw out a plan on paper. Just take a picture of your room and upload it into the app. Measure out the room’s dimensions and record them onto the actual photo in the app.  Easy and great to refer to later. Cost: $2.99.
  • Photosynth is another great app interior designers love. This one comes in handy for panoramic shots. Touch the screen and it shows you the area of the shot inside a box. Link boxes to create a panoramic picture and its free to top it off!!