Wallpaper that I love

Wallpaper Makes Your Rooms Pop.

Use wallpaper to develop a feature wall, or put it behind a shelf to bring any room to life.

Sources for unique wallpapers.

Here are my go-to suppliers in Vancouver:

Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics. Crown Wallpaper has a fantastic showroom in Gastown, Vancouver’s interior design district. They also have an excellent selection of designer fabrics for both commercial and residential applications.

Mint Interiors. Located on West 2nd Avenue, Mint carries the unique Trove line of wallpapers. These papers are distinct and artistic, including many that resemble murals. Here’s one of my Trove favorites:



Installing wallpaper the right way.

I always recommend hiring a professional to install wallpaper. The easiest way to find one is to go to a store that sells wallpaper (like Benjamine Moore) and ask for a referral.

If you’re gutsy and plan on putting the wallpaper up yourself, here are three tricks from eHow on making it work in your home:

1. Draw a Plumb Line.

A plumb line will help you hang the wallpaper in clean, straight lines. To draw one on your wall, use a pencil and a level to create a perfectly straight line 1/16 inch from where you intend to hang the paper. By drawing the line slightly outside of the area, you will prevent the pencil-marks from showing between the seams of paper.

Never use chalk to draw a plumb line. It could seep through and become visible after pasting the wallpaper.

Plumb lines can also help you limit waste by helping you prevent having to hang a narrow strip at the end of your room.

2. Cut the paper with a ruler and blade.

Never cut wallpaper with scissors- they make it difficult to cut a perfectly straight line.

Instead, lay the wallpaper on a table and use a level and pencil to draw a straight cutting line. Hold a ruler against the penciled line and draw a blade over the wallpaper in one stroke- this will create a level and crisp edge.

Make sure to use a sharp blade to prevent tearing and always leave a few extra inches of paper in case the measurements are wrong.

3. ‘Book’the paper to prevent peeling.

Booking wallpaper helps it relax before placing it on the walls. Book the paper after you have added paste for regular wallpaper or the water for pre-pasted wallpaper.

Fold both the top and bottom of the pasted side to the middle. Make sure that pasted sides are only touching pasted sides. Do not crease any folds. This allows time for the adhesive to activate and helps relax the texture of the paper. Booking makes the wallpaper easier to hang and prevents eventual peeling.